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MKMX America LLC • Comunicacion Inalambrica • Xbee Set, plug and play
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MKMX America LLCComunicacion Inalambrica


Xbee Set, plug and play


Plug and Play communication between your laptop/netbook/pc and the MikroKopter.


No soldering required, fully pre-configured. This set is perfect to replace the bluetooth connection and increase range. Please see the support section of our web site to see it in action.

Range: up to 2 miles.

Works great with 2.4 Ghz radios.


The XBee-PRO 900 RF module is ideally suited for low-latency point-to-multipoint networking applications. Capable of point-to-point, peer-to-peer and point-to-multipoint networking, the XBee-900 is ideal for solutions where RF penetration and absolute transmission distance are paramount to the application.

As a member of the XBee family of RF products, the module is easy-to-use, shares a common footprint, and leverages Digi’s Drop-in Networking solutions including gateways and adapters. No configuration is necessary for out-of-the-box RF communications. The module’s default configuration supports a wide range of data system applications. Advanced configurations can be implemented using simple serial AT commands.

XBee-PRO modules operate within the ISM 900 MHz frequency band. The modules are optimized for use in US and Canada.


•3.3V @ 210mA
•Fast 156 Kbps RF data rate
•50 mW (+17 dBm) power output
•Up to 6 miles (10 km) RF LOS with high gain antennas
•Point-to-multipoint networking ideal for low-latency applications
•Support for large, dense networks
•128-bit AES encryption
•ISM 900 MHz operating frequency
•Wire antenna
•Industrial temperature rating (-40° C to +85° C)
•Advanced mesh networking and low-power modes supported
•Approved for use in the United States and Canada


Fabricante Mikrokopter
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